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February 16, 2009


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Home Theater Furniture

Always considers room size when choosing home theater furniture, for instance is it a large or small room?

You must have an idea of the size your new furniture can be.

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wine furniture racks

It looks very beautiful, what a great concept, it looks not that expensive. Thanks for sharing

marquee flooring

This is a cool screen idea !



Is the person in the photograph the teen that resides there? Does the door to enter the 'château' really open over a stair?


it worries me that there's a sink on the stairs. what sink doesn't end up with puddles in front of it? a puddle on a stair landing is a scary proposition. also in two places the barriers between floor space and the drop onto the staircase below, are only about knee high. someone could trip over those and fall to his/her death. they should be higher. and i don't see any window in the WC wall; an amazing oversight- maybe they just forgot to include it in the picture here. if it's missing, the air in that whole space will get pretty foetid.

gabe reyes

Ima teen. I'd love it. Don't care if the parents wanted me away from them. At all.



it's bigger than you think.

personally i think having that as a teenager would be the ultimate utilization of space for one of such age. all you'd need is a computer, fridge, bed and something to cook with and you'd be set. we can all chill the fuck out on the grass.

Wright Behindu

I see a great space for a teenager or even a single adult. If you look at the drawing you can see where a bed would go and a"wc" is in behind the sink although the door isn't shown. A small apartment size refrigerator and a microwave oven would all fit in nicely. Step outside to the big house and have dinner with the folks. I would trade my cluttered 1500sqft home for something like this.


what is the point in this space? it is a loner zone. What can you possibly do or accomblish in this space, I see only a computer. there is no fridge, no bed, no washroom and no room for friends to hang out to come and be comfortable. you cannot really live independantly in this space if there is no way to survive independantly in this space. It is more like an oversized tree house, and for that it is very nice, but otherwise it really seems to serve no purpose. If i was a teenage and my parents gave this to me, I would take it as a sign that they really dont want me around that much, and dont really care for my survival. What a waste of matterials.


Do you mean 'fun living in a castle'? Then it should read 'un château'.

wicked apartment, though.

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