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March 08, 2009


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Can I buy one??? I love them I'm in the New York area


Can I buy one??? I love them I'm in the New York area


I , along with a lot of people Im sure , have always thought about doing this. There are the thinkers and then there are the DO - ERS!!!!! Awesome!!! Can I work for you?


This is incredible! Would never have envisioned this beautiful home coming out of an old trailer. Very inspirational - the place looks huge. “In a small space, if you can increase your view and access to the outdoors, your place feels larger.”


This is actually really inspiring. It's nice to stumble on a project that takes something inexpensive (or even free) like an old mobile home and transforms it into something new. This particular house looks like it's on the expensive end but I bet you could do something very nice for very little money.

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